The staff of Riverside CDC comprises of teachers who have excelled in education and in the fundamentals of Child Development.

In general, Some of our teachers hold Bachelor’s degrees in Early Childhood Education, Elementary Education, Psychology, Child and Family Studies, Child Development or related fields of study and have a minimum of two years experience working in an early childhood setting. Many of the teachers have completed a Master’s degree in Early Childhood Education. These committed teachers are leaders in early childhood education and provide modeling and mentorship both within and outside the program at Riverside CDC.

The Directors at Riverside CDC are visionary and innovative and seek to support families and staff as they journey with young children through their first education experience. They work to build a community of children, parents, and educators to develop a program which upholds the primary purpose of the Preschool: the spiritual, physical, social, cognitive and emotional development of its students.

Our Faculty and Staff:

Mr. Ivan Figueroa
Church Administrator
& Head of School
Socorro De Leon
Preschool Director
Maria Avila
Assistant Director
Stephanie Bardina
VPK Teacher
Shantheisha Howell
VPK Teacher
Hilda Caicedo
VPK Assistant
Karina Amador
Infants Assistant
Yolanda Almaza
1 Year Old Teacher
Rosalba Estevez
1 Year Old Assistant
Carmen Zapata
2 Year Old Teacher
Jenny Conde
2 Year Old Teacher
Mercedes Hernandez
2 Year Old Assistant
Thamara El Faikin
2 Year Old Assistant
Lieska DeJesus
3 Year Olds Teacher
Ibet Lugo
3 Year Old Teacher